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Welcome to the Fan Fiction Fallout wiki, here you can create a page and/or series for Fallout Fanon. Do not insult other users or make offensive materiel, the third offense will result in a three-day block. You may ignore some of the rules if your materiel improves this wiki with authorisation, thank you for choosing this wiki.

Our blocking policy

Users who violate our policy are labeled for being banned and will have two warnings before they are banned, the eighth offense resulting in a permanent ban, be nice and friendly to other users, don't be a dick. As stated above, the first ban lasts three days, the seventh being six months, by using this wiki, you agree that we are not liable for damages you cause, or incidents that otherwise flame this wiki. Most of these offenses are more extended when these are commited against a SysOp, or when the SysOp does this, the ban WILL NOT apply to founders and/or beuracrats. 

Latest activity

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