All users are required to contribute to the wiki in some helpful sort to stay or become SysOps or "Fanon of the Month" nominees, this policy will help you with editing and creating pages, follow the rules CAREFULLY.

The rulesEdit

All users must provide a reason for their edits, about 50 letters long, otherwise they will have their edit reverted, and a warning will be dispensed, if the user has a (actually) useful reason that warrants them the edits existance, then it SHALL NOT, AND WILL NOT be reverted unless warranted by an admin, the founder is the leading authority, and as such, they can override this order. A user may not make offensive, sexual, grapic or poorly written content, and as such, will not require a warning dispense for banning. If a user does wish to make these things, they must contact a SysOp for permission, if these pages and/or edits are made without permission, the user will be permanently banned without notice.


A user, when making offensive, sexual, or graphic edit, they will be BANNED PERMANENTLY without notice. If a user makes a poorly written edit, that user will be warned and their edit will be undone. If a user ignores a SysOp's warning to refrain from making the edit or page, the user will be PERMANENTLY BANNED or banned for one week.