When you fuck with the administration, you are fucking with Cthulhu, don't be a dick.

On this Wiki, there is only one person with SysOp rights, The kennynator, if the founder feels you are worthy of entering our Cloud of Users, they will let you in, below are more details.

Do not fuck with Ctulhu

When you test a moderator and/or SysOp, you are fucking with them, when you are fucking with them, you are fucking with the wiki, when you are fucking with the wiki, you are fucking with Ctulhu, and nobody fucks with Cthulhu, we are nice and honest people, just don't try anything to piss us off, be an honest and helpful user while helping the wiki.

Messing with an Admin and consequences

Admins can be attacked as defined in the following ways:

Harassment, Trolling (also gives harassment charge), civil disobiedience, flaming, right-abuse, and insultation. The consequences are as follows:

Harassment: results in either a one-month ban or a perma-ban.

Trolling: Results in a one-month or a perma-ban.

Civil disobiedience: Results in a three-day to perma-ban.

Flaming: Results in a three-day ban up to a perma-ban.

Right-abuse: Results in a one-week up to one-year ban.

Insultation: First incident results in a week-long ban, the second offense results in a one month ban, the third and last incident results in a perma-ban.

These are for admins who do these crimes, and for users who do these to admins, the generic blocking policy contains information on generic user-to-user abuse and consequences.

Current SysOps

Bureacrats: The kennynator (founder) (No other admins are active at this time.)