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Non-Admin users are NOT to edit this page, as it is vital to our infrastructure.

This is our Wiki Chat Policy, if you do not like the rules, you can vote to change ONE rule per successful vote, if the admins decide the vote is void, they may blank it and put a notice up. When no admins are on chat, you may NOT JOIN, as there will be NO PERMANENT admins or sysops, joining will result in a warning or ban from chat.


The Fan-Fiction-Fallout chat rules are simple, do not:

  • Harass other users.
  • Troll other users.
  • Insult other users.
  • Spam other users.
  • Argue with admins over minor issues, admins are expected to report these users on a mainspace watch list. This watch list also contains vandals, trolls, sock puppet accounts, major violation accounts ,and expelled admins, or dishonorably discharged admins or sysops.
  • And last but not least, do NOT scam users or annoy them.


Should you violate ANY of the above rules, you have three warnings that will ONLY result in a kick, after the two warnings, the first ban is three days long(#1), here are the other punishments:

  • A seven day ban.(#2)
  • A fourteen day ban.(#3)
  • A one month ban.(#4)
  • A one year ban.(#5)
  • And last but not least, a permanant ban from chat.(#6)

For secondary punishments:

You may be added to a watch list, after C#3 or C#4, you will be regarded as either:

  • <\LOW THREAT|S#1/>
  • <\HIGH THREAT|A#2/>
  • <\HYPER THREAT|A#3/>

More info will be available on the watch list.